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Supporting our community is not just a corporate responsibility; it’s an important part of who we are.


We believe that all sectors of the community need to be strong for the community to thrive: businesses, higher education, government and non-profits. That’s why, in addition to helping grow the economic vitality of Tenerife through our service to businesses and work with local municipalities, we place a high value on giving back. Each year, through corporate and in-kind giving, event participation and employee volunteerism, we support a wide range of local charities, technology initiatives and community organizations.
Supporting our community is not just a corporate responsibility; it’s an important part of who we are. Our involvement in the community takes many shapes and forms encouraging employees to volunteer by offering paid time off for volunteering or offering our expertise and services to non-profits.

Alin Radu – CEO Webdesign Tenerife


September 2017:

Non-profit organizations continually struggle to balance spending with fund raising, yet having a web presence is crucial to their marketing efforts. We want to help organizations that help others, which is why we decided to provide online services (valued at 500 Euros) for a full year to one organisation AT YOUR CHOICE.

IMPORTANT:  Steve Phelps – Tenerife astronomy society gave us an important feedback: “Sounds like a good idea but we have no funds at all for website so if 500 euros is not sufficient to build a website then we will stay without one”

Answer: 500 euro cover ALL services provided by us. The non profit organization don’t have to pay anything extra! We just want to help organizations that help others!


The nomination period for October 2017 opens today! The only way for a nonprofit to receive our help is by being nominated/voted, so it’s up to you to serve as an advocate for the good work your favorite organization is doing.

The October 2017 nomination period will be open from September 6 – September 30, 2017. To nominate an organization, visit our poll:

01.10.2017: The winner is Finca Bonita! Congrats!

Poll is close!